Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick look to the questions we get asked the most about tours in Pu Luong Nature Reserve. For details, where to go, what to do and more, you can read our dedicated Pu Luong Travel Guide 2022.

How far is Puluong from the nearest airport

The nearest airtport to Puluong Nature Reserve is Tho Xuan domestic airport (THD) at Thanh Hoa province with an estimated distance of 93KM taking about 2h10 with the Vietnam traffic. Another airport nearby is Noi Bai international airport (HAN) in Hanoi city. The distance is about 185KM with a 4h30 drive in a normal traffic condition and no stop.

How far is Puluong from the nearest tourist hub?

From Puluong Nature Reserve to Hanoi city, the main tourist hub in Northern Vietnam, is also 180KM depending on the road you chose. Another tourist destination is Ninh Binh famed for Trang An landscape complex – one of the world’s cultural and natural heritage sites. It takes 3 hours for a 130KM drive with an ordinary traffic.

I'm in Sai Gon now, how can I visit Puluong and nothing else before back home?

You can fly from Saigon (SGN) to Hanoi (HAN) or Tho Xuan (THD) then go by car to Puluong Nature Reserve. Hanoi is a much better choice. Puluong Excursions offer an airport pick-up service also.

I'm in Hanoi now, how long does it take me to Puluong

It will take you about 4 hours via Ho Chi Minh Trail or 4h30 by other ways. The longer ways are more preferable if you use a private transfer to see more countryside and landscape.

Are there buses daily? Are they spacious? Do drivers speak English?

Yes, First Class Xpress is our specialized brand for bus to Pu Luong. The shuttle buses have 2 types, 17-seat and 10-seat limousine bus. Both are spacious with very good air-con and run daily. The drivers don’t speak English but he partially understand what you say during the journey from Hanoi to Pu Luong. Moreover, there are always English speaking tour operator supporting 24/7. For convenience, you can request a private tour guide to enjoy the tour much better.

Will the shuttle bus pick up from our hotel?

The Old Quarter of Hanoi is bounded by the Red River dike, Trang Tien and Trang Thi streets, Phung Hung street with the railway, and Phan Dinh Phung street. There are numerous hotels situated in this region, pickup services are frequently based there. However, some streets there are prohibited for vehicles neither for stopping nor parking. If that is not accessible, the Opera House and our sales office at 13 Hang Muoi are pickup points where you can wait for us. You will be guided to reach there with a given time.

Can I order transfer directly from Puluong to Hanoi airport?

Yes, you can order transfer directly from Puluong Nature Reserve to Hanoi airport, or you can set a meeting point with your private car at the cross in Hoa Binh province, using the shuttle bus of Puluong Excursions until you reach that Point, then change the vehicle. The tour guides of Puluong Excursions will ensure finding your vehicle at the meeting point for you. It is just a saving-cost solution.

I have reserved a 2-day tour with Puluong Excursions, is the transfer included?

Except to promotions, the transfer is not inclusive in the 2-day or other packages, you just need to order it and pay a very little extra amount. Please check your booking confirmation for details.

How can I recognize a bus of Puluong Excursions?

Our shuttle bus are limousine or has logos of First Class Xpress, the specialized brand for bus to Pu Luong. Receptionists at your hotel will also help you. If you do not stay in any hotels in the Hanoi Old Quarter, either you can ask for your agent’s help or you can contact us to set a convenient meeting point.

Is there any weight resitriction for my luggage?

No, there isn’t any weight restriction for your luggage but if you will continue the tour in Hanoi after that, you should leave some baggage at your hotel in Hanoi. It is better to travel light.

When will be the best time to visit Puluong Nature Reserve?

Any month will be good if the Weather forecast bureau doesn’t say anything of “upcoming typhoons”. The best months are from May to October. The typhoons or heavy rains often come in late Summer (July and September) with no fixed rules. Weekdays from Monday to Friday will be less crowded than Friday and Saturday. January sometimes features by mist, and in summer from May to August the humidity is higher than usual. Read more our Pu Luong Travel Guide about Best Time to Visit Pu Luong.

How do Puluong Excursions plan if the trip would be canceled by bad weather?

Please visit our Alternative in bad weather. Luckily, the geographical surrounding of Hanoi is similar to that of Puluong. To speak precisely, they are on a same mountain range! In case an excursion is canceled, you can have replacement by city tours in Hanoi or Ninh Binh day trips. Various options are available. Our operators will provide you more details upon request.

What should I pack?

Like for a moutain excursion, you should have: rain jacket, hiking shoes, backpack, sunscreen, insect repellent, first aid kit, swimming suits (if you staying in resorts) light clothes and shorts from March to October. In wintertime, from November to February, warm clothes like pullovers, coats are needed. You can bring sandals or shoes, but if you plan to challenge yourselves by hiking, shoes will be better.

Can I order a special diet?

Yes you can. Especially, you book a package tour staying overnight. Most of hotels and resorts have a limited store. Inform us your special diet together with passports’ information in advance by emailing to

Do I have to participage in all activities?

It depends on what kind of tour you choose. For any private tour, activities and timing are flexible. You can skip some, even all activities to relax by yourself. On the other hand, most of group tours goes with a fixed road and a single bus. Do not worry, our itineraries are fine tuned to ensure the most comfortable experience.

Should I tip the tour guide and driver? How much should it be?

Yes, if you are entirely content with their services. The amount is up to you and to your level of satisfaction.

Can I use the inernet, mobile phone or flycam on tour?

Yes. But on the mountain, sometimes the signal is not good. Flycam should not use in group tours.

How can I change or cancel my reservation?

Yes, you can use your Visa or MasterCard for extra services not included in the package: drinks, extra foods, extra services. However, at a few homestays and hotels, sometimes the internet/WiFi signal is not good enough so you should backup cash for extra services.

Is there any hidden cost, tax and service charge?

No. There is no hidden cost as we offer worry-free holidays. All excluding things are clearly stated in your booking confirmation if you book with us directly.

What will you do if I have a health emergency during the tour?

If you suddenly get a serious health issue when on tour, we will use our car or any means available to take you to the nearest hospital or emergency station in town. All drivers and tour guides are well trained for those similar situations.

Can I extend my excursion?

Yes, you can, if our tour operator confirms that there will be vacant service and hotels in that day. Extra fee and non-refundable service will be informed also.

Is there any assistance available for non-English speaking travellers?

Our tour guide speak English well and slow enough for clients to understand. Moreover, Pu Luong Nature Reserve itself is beautiful and you can experience even with a little language barriers, especially with wellness tours and family holidays. Local operators will show you what to do and where to visit in a simple way.

Are service animals permitted on tour?

No, if you join in a group tour and a bus sharing with other tourists. Even if in a private tour, you should ask for tour operators’ confirmation.

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