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Puluong Bocbandi Retreat

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Pu Luong Bocbandi Retreat looks beautiful and outstanding among the jungle. It is built following 4-star resort crieria renowned for its luxury in harmony with Puluong’s nature.
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Located between Don village and Bang village, Pu Luong Bocbandi Retreat is the first resort in Pu Luong providing 4* standards amenities and facilities. With a direct access from the main road 521, travelers have no chance to miss this very special retreat.

Covering an area of 12000m2, the resort is surrounding by the tropical forest on the upper side and the rice paddies on the lower one. Nestled between trees, all the facilities reveal all the beauty and majesty of the Reserve.

Opened in 2021, it elegantly combines modernity and traditions. You will find a local touch of the Thai or Muong minorities even in small decorative elements. Local and natural materials are highlighted as bamboo, rattan, rocs… creating a special atmosphere that you won’t feel in any other places.


After the recent tourism development of Pu Luong Nature and the national and international recognition, Pu Luong Bocbandi Retreat decided to bring the hospitality standards to a higher level. With its full equipped and spacious bungalows and villas, international travelers will find the Western quality of service that was missing in Pu Luong. More important, without neglecting the cultural touch.

In order to preserve the identity of the local inhabitants, most of the staff comes from the surrounding villages. An intense and focused training has allowed them to provide customize, friendly and professional sequences of services.

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Room size


Standard room size: 30 m2 Location: Bang Village, Ba Thuoc District, Thanh Hoa The facilities:

  • The rooms: Different categories are available that will fit every category of clients. Dormitory in a traditional way, private bungalows or villas, all designed with refinement. The main structure of the rooms is in concrete so as to prevent damages from the high humidity the jungle can bring but also to ensure quality soundproof and a better temperature control, either to face the cold winter or the hot summer.
  • The dormitory: With 14 beds smartly spread on the second floor of the stilt house, the dormitory space is all wooden decorated, creating a warm welcome for the visitors. On the first floor, a common area with wooden table and chairs is a perfect place to share time with your friends or meet other travelers.
  • The bungalows: There are four kinds of bungalows, from the superior to the premier executive. Size is almost the same, between 43 to 46m2. The difference remains in the location and the view. All bungalows have an open view on the valley but the higher standards ones are right over the rice paddies with a wider angle and a more intimacy from your balcony. Interior decoration is the same with an elegant touch of modernity and a hint of minority spirit.
  • The villas: the 60m2 luxurious villas of Pu Luong Bocbandi Retreat offer all amenities you will need. A queen size bed, a lounge area and a spacious bathroom with large windows providing the feeling to bath in the jungle. Perched at the top of the complex, you will have full privacy for an exceptional experience.
  • The restaurant: In an ideal location inside the resort, the restaurant provides a wonderful view of the surrounding fauna and flora from every corner, thanks to the large windows. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Pu Luong Bocbandi Retreat restaurant serves a large variety of Asian, Western and local dishes.
To enjoy some coffees, teas, wine or cocktails, you can also take a seat at the lounge café or the pool bar. Unique in Pu Luong, you can experience a wine tasting in the wine cellar. High recommended for the wine lovers. Bocbandi staff will help you to choose the best wine according to your taste. An European touch landed in Pu Luong!
  • Meeting room: First resort also having a meeting room that can welcome up to 100 clients. If you are planning a company trip or traveling with a large group of friends, this is perfect for you to organize a special event. Other highlight compared to the other hotels in Pu Luong, it ensures that when a group is coming, they won’t disturb the tranquility of the other customers.
  • Activities: Pu Luong Bocbandi Retreat proposes a large variety of activities from the easy trekking to Bang village to full day one to Hieu village. They can also organize cooking class, motorbike tours, trekking to Pu Luong peak or some local activities as farming, fishing, sewing. Internal activities as the wine tasting in the European style cellar, cooking class or join the communal campfire.
  • Tours: As a Retreat, Pu Luong Bocbandi mainly offers some packages with internal activities for 2 or 3 days. If you want a full package including accommodations, meals and activities, you can check our tours categories and request to have Pu Luong BocBandi retreat included. We are pleased to adapt and customize upon your preferences and satisfy any of your expectations while visiting Pu Luong Nature Reserve. We have a large variety of activities that can be integrated as cycling, trekking, biking, cooking … We can arrange a pick up right at your door at Pu Luong Bocbandi Retreat.
In case you would like to experience different accommodations in different areas of Pu Luong, we can customize a 3 days tour with 2 different Resorts. Contact us directly for our special offers. If you are running out of time, which is often the case while traveling in a big country as Vietnam, you can combine a package tour with Mai Chau, located only 40km away from Pu Luong. The Pu Luong Bocbandi Retreat will fit perfectly in a 3 days tour with other elegant and high-class hotels in Mai Chau as Mai Chau Ecolodge or Mai Chau Hideout for example. You can find more information about multi-destinations tours in our Pu Luong – Mai Chau tour articles here.

1 review for Puluong Bocbandi Retreat

  1. Paud Murphy

    Situated in the middle of a natural forest on a mountain, Pu Luong nature reserve has excellent spacious comfortable chalets and all have balconies with great views. The food is good: the Papaya salad great, the beef a little tough. Staff are friendly and willing but some don’t speak English well. Scenic walks and cycle rides are easily accessible.

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