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$119 / per person

This full day tour is the perfect opportunity to visit another highlight of Northern Vietnam while staying in the stunning Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Witness the charm of Mai Hich and Buoc Villages of Mai Chau, where traditional customs come to life amidst countryside landscapes and savor local cuisine at…

$59 / per person

19km off road trekking in Pu Luong. Enjoy the iconic trails of Pu Luong, admire the largest waterfall in Pu Luong and explore Uoi - Lan villages, local life of Thai People

$59 / per person

A full day Pu Luong motorbike tour along Ma river will show you rural villages of Pu Luong, small streams and waterfall hidden in jungles. Pu Luong Nature Reserve, Pu Luong Motorbike Tours.

$89 / per person

Delight in easy rides around the beautiful remote hamlets in Pu Luong, surrounded by tropical forests, exploring a hidden cave, seeking for giant water wheels, and melting into the unique waterfall in that area, where you can enjoy splashing water for fun, are all enchanting experiences on your holiday. Welcome…

$45 / per person

Exploring Pu luong Nature Reserve by motorbike is an art – a thing that you do because you feel something inside. This Pu Luong motorbike tour requires travellers who are well-experienced in riding.

$60 / per person

Your body is made to walk, to trek long distances, and to carry things. We keep your nature alive by offering a day tour of trekking in Pu Luong among rice fields and breathing the fresh air of the mountains, with plenty of off-the-beaten-track moments.

$55 / per person

Highlights of Pu Luong. Visiting the most authenic hamlet in Pu Luong on foot. Melting into the unique waterfall in the Reserve.  Watching Water Wheels - the invention Vietnamese ethnic minorities

$59 / per person

An easy tour transfering by motorbike or car is for those who prefer relaxing holidays travelling with their families. A whole day tour covering famous attractions in Pu Luong gives you a glance of the reserve's beauty.

$45 / per person

If you like mountain biking, set aside time to enjoy this good ride that offers breathtaking scenery along the way. Conquer a waterfall in Pu Luong by bicycle will be memorable with many bumpy sections of the road.

$79 / per person

Take a break from Hanoi city and embark on a nature reserve tour to Pu Luong. This day trip is your gateway to breathtaking mountain landscapes, captivating rice terraces, and an enriching experience of Thai ethnic culture.

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