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The perfect holiday to melt into nature and rejuvenate your soul.

This tour will take you to Pu Luong – a tranquil place of unspoiled beauty. Leisurely strolling is the best way to discover the surrounding nature as well as local culture. Wandering through terraced fields and interacting with Thai ethnic people will provide you with relaxing moments. Enjoying easy rides around the beautiful remote hamlets in Pu Luong, surrounded by tropical forests, exploring a hidden cave, and melting into the unique waterfall in that area, where you can enjoy splashing water for fun, are all enchanting experiences on your holiday. Welcome to Pu Luong.




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HANOI – PU LUONG (L - D) Village Life | Water Wheels | Rafting
07:00 AM: Pick up at your hotel in the Old Quarter area and depart to Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Expect a 4-hour drive without heavy traffic.

10:00 AM: Stop for a 15-minute rest break halfway through the journey. Enjoy picturesque village landscapes along the way.

12:00 PM: Arrive at Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Have lunch at a local restaurant. Check-in at your reserved room (standard check-in time 14:00) and relax at your own pace.

01:30 PM: Afternoon leisurely walks

Transfer to Ban Cong and start a 2.5km walk. Cross a suspension bridge to reach one of Pu Luong's most scenic villages, where the largest stream flows through. Along the river, admire stunning landscapes, rice fields, and village life at Pu Luong. Seek for the giant water wheels, a remarkable creation of Vietnam's mountainous ethnic minorities. Difficulty level 2/5.

Arrive at Chieu Lau dam and embark on a bamboo rafting experience. Paddle the raft upstream with locals and have fun.

03:00 PM: The raft lands on the other side of the river. Embark on another 2km trek through rice fields and villages, completing a loop trail. Meet the transfer at the main road and return to the hotel for relaxation by 05:00 PM.

Evening: Culinary exploration and leisure

Optional cooking class for those interested. Enjoy a delicious dinner at 7:00 PM, followed by free time to relax. This concludes your first day in Pu Luong.
PU LUONG FULL DAY EASY RIDER (B - L - D) Caving | Riding | Swimming
07:00 AM: Start your day with a delightful breakfast. Ready by 9:00, to embark on a perfect ride with a local touch, to melt into the jungles and conquer the largest cave and waterfall in Pu Luong.

Begin with an exciting ride heading to Kho Muong village, ride through Bang village, experience a jungle ride, and contemplate one of the most captivating rice fields in Pu Luong.

Upon arrival at Kho Muong village - an isolated village of Thai People, your rider take you around to get a glance of local life and explore Bat cave, the largest cave in Pu Luong.

11:00 AM: Bid farewell to Kho Muong and continue your journey towards Hieu village. A leisurely ride through rural lanes, the motorbike offers the gift of a connection to nature in Pu Luong.

Lunchtime: Refreshing by the waterfall

Enjoy a short, refreshing walk to a unique waterfall nestled within the Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Here, you will have a delightful lunch, surrounded by the sounds of nature.

Afternoon: Village life and return journey

After your meal, take some time to swim in the crystal-clear waters and explore local village life, immersing yourself in the charm of Pu Luong. Time to hop back on your motorbike and make your way back to the hotel, ensuring you arrive by 4:00 PM for some self-relaxation.

Evening: Culinary exploration and leisure

For those interested, a cooking class is available (optional) for you to learn the secrets of Vietnamese cuisine. At 7:00 PM, savor a delicious dinner, and then you're free to enjoy the evening at your own pace. This marks the end of an enchanting day in Pu Luong.
PU LUONG – HANOI (B - L) Iconic Rice Terrace | Local Brocade
07:00 AM: Enjoy breakfast and prepare for the day's activities. Be ready by 8:30 AM.

08:45 AM: Take a leisurely stroll down the valley to Don village, renowned as the epicenter of Pu Luong. This area boasts a gentle road that winds through vast terraced fields. With every step, you'll witness the captivating transformation of the scenery. As you continue your walk, you'll come across Uoi hamlet. When viewed from above, this hamlet nestles humbly at the base of the towering mountain. We assure you that this landscape will be a visual delight and may even fill up your phone's memory card with its beauty.

Descend the hill to Lan Village, often referred to as the "Kingdom of Thai People in Pu Luong" home to around 100 Thai families. You can opt for a leisurely bicycle ride (optional) or take a relaxed stroll around. Here, you'll encounter the soothing sights of cool streams, verdant farmlands, ducks joyfully paddling in ponds, and friendly locals going about their day. You'll have the opportunity to observe their everyday activities, marked by simplicity and humility, with a special focus on their traditional brocade sewing. Take this time to engage with the locals and learn about their craft. After that, transfer back for check out your room by 11:30 and have lunch.

01:00 PM: Prepare for the bus journey back to Hanoi. Expect to arrive at your hotel in Hanoi by 6:30 PM, barring heavy traffic. The tour concludes at your Hanoi hotel.

     Timing and distance are measured at Puluong Excursions' meeting point in Don Village. Based on your actual location, the tour operator will provide you with a detailed timeline before the departure time.



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English speaking tour guide in Pu Luong

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Local guide, sightseeing tickets

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