Lan Village

Villages in Pu Luong

There is a total of 24 villages in the Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Only few of them have been impacted by the tourism, modifying the aspect.

Don Village is the most developed one and can be considered as the epicenter of the touristic area. His location is very special with stunning view on the rice fields and the mountain range. You will find every kind of accommodations in the village from the traditional homestay to higher standards Hotels.

Hieu village has also changed in last 3 years with homestays blooming all over the village. This is due to the stream along the village creating a multi-level waterfall that allows water hike in the dry season or a swim with the friendly locals.

Kho Muong is probably the most special one as it is accessible only by motorbike or walking. Lost in a hidden valley, home of a circular mountain range with rice paddies and the largest cave in the Reserve, the “Bat Cave”.

Bang village is at the entrance of the Reserve (when arriving from Mai Chau) and very charming with ancient stilt house and friendly locals always ready to invite you for a cup of tea or a glass of “Ruou” (traditional rice wine).

Lan village known as “Kingdom of Thai People in Puluong” is one of remote villages in Pu Luong Nature Reserve that has still remained authenic with daily life activities. Taking a bike around the village is relaxing with nature and has fun with children playing football in the village center. Wild and naive.

Son Ba Muoi is located at the extreme south of the Reserve; on top of Pha He, Pha chien mountain range. Not yet fully developed, tourists love to get there to feel the cool atmosphere and the untouched nature with amazing view.

Other villages, scattered in the Reserve and less known, deserved a visit to immerse yourself in the local culture.


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