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$65 / per person

Pho Doan Market has two scheduled trading sessions on Thurday and Sunday only. Opportunities to experience a typcial local market in Pu Luong and see how locals exchange goods. Pu Luong Excursions | Pu Luong Tours | Pu Luong Trails | Pu Luong Treks

$30 / per person

Highlights of Pu Luong Hiking and Biking. Hiking through the most scenic rice fields in Pu Luong. Biking around the most authenic and remote hamlet in Pu Luong. Interacting with locals and learn about daily life, especially their weaving.

$28 / per person

Your body is made to walk, to trek long distances and carry things. We keep your nature alive by offering a half day tour of exploring Kho Muong village and a hidden cave in Pu Luong on foot and breathing fresh air of mountain.

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