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Mai Chau wears a golden cloth in the ripe rice season

Mai Chau weather is mild and pleasant all year round, that’s why Mai Chau attracts tourists all the time. Moderate humidity in all seasons and fresh air by the Northwest mountains make Mai Chau an ideal place to explore, relax and rest.

The climate of Mai Chau

Located at an altitude of 800 – 1000m above sea level, Mai Chau has a tropical monsoon climate.

As a district with complex topography, divided by many high mountains and streams, Mai Chau’s climate is also relatively rich. But in general, Mai Chau has two distinct rainy-dry seasons.

Surrounded by majestic high mountains and wild and idyllic features the Thai ethnic people have created a very unique Mai Chau.

Monthly average

It is difficult to say which season is the most beautiful in Mai Chau because each season of Mai Chau brings its own beauty.

Weather in January

This is the time wildflowers in Mai Chau are in full bloom, blooming everywhere.

Coming to Mai Chau in this season, visitors will encounter the pure white color of the Ban flower – the symbol of the Northwest mountains, or the sweet pink color of the peach blossom petals blooming everywhere.

Mai Chau in January with full blooming Ban flower

Mai Chau in January with full blooming Ban flower

Weather in February

February is the transition period from winter to spring.

This is one of the most beautiful times in Mai Chau with peach and Ban flowers in full bloom.

If you travel to Mai Chau at this time, you should book a room in advance because the hotel is very easy to fill up, especially on weekends.

Mai Chau in February with Peach flowers in full bloom

Mai Chau in February with Peach flowers in full bloom

Weather in March

March- the weather in Mai Chau is very pleasant, the average temperature is 18-25 degrees. At this time, Mai Chau has many beautiful flowers blooming.

Weather in April

In April Mai Chau wears the pink color of spring peach blossom mixed with the white color of apricot and plum blossom. This is also one of the most beautiful times to travel to Mai Chau.

Weather in May

Maybe this time is not the most beautiful season in Mai Chau, but this is the most peaceful season in Mai Chau. You can leisurely cycle through the green young rice fields, enjoy the fragrant smell of young rice or take a bath in a cool stream in the village.

At this time, it is also the time when the Peach and Plum forests are fruitful. Coming to Mai Chau at this time, visitors will be able to enjoy the delicious flavors of the Northwest mountains.

Plum forests are fruitful

Plum forests are fruitful

Weather in June

This time is summer in Mai Chau, the average temperature in Mai Chau is about 27.5 degrees Celsius, the highest is 31 degrees at noon, and the night temperature is not too low about 24 degrees.

Weather in July

July is summer in Mai Chau. The temperature and humidity are quite high, with a lot of rain during the summer months.

At the same time, this season is also the season when Mai Chau welcomes visitors to rest and avoid the harsh heat of the North.

Weather in August

Autumn temperature is about 26 degrees Celsius, humidity is reduced, and little rain is the ideal time to travel in Mai Chau.

Weather in September

September is probably the most beautiful season to travel to Mai Chau – the season of ripe rice.

Mai Chau with vast ripe rice fields

Mai Chau with vast ripe rice fields

Weather in October

The whole Mai Chau valley is covered with a golden color and the aroma of ripe rice.

Just open the window and you will see golden rice everywhere.

Cool-weather and no rain are ideal conditions for team-building activities and the campfire gala.

Weather in November

The ideal time for “cloud hunting”

The ideal time for “cloud hunting”

November is winter in Mai Chau. The climate is relatively cold with an average temperature of 16 degrees Celsius.

Winter is the time when Mai Chau is the most crowded because there are many holidays, and companies organize year-end parties or schools for students to visit.

This is the best time to “hunt clouds” of the year. However, the clouds in the sky continuously change. The temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius and on a sunny day the ideal conditions for clouds to “rush” to the valley. Therefore, if you want to have the most complete “cloud hunting”, don’t forget to check the weather forecast before coming to Mai Chau!

Weather in December

December- Canola flower season blooms. As a mountainous province, in winter Mai Chau has a low temperature, about 16 degrees Celsius, and the air is quite cold.

However, for those who love community tourism, this time can also be the right time to have interesting and new experiences.

There is nothing more wonderful than being immersed in the vast fields of white canola flowers and freely checking in among the mountains of Mai Chau.

If you travel to Mai Chau this season, you should bring warm clothes to avoid catching a cold.

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